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General orientation

Would you like to study abroad?

The Universidad de Concepción has developed efforts to promote and establish institutional initiatives of higher education abroad. If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student of UdeC, we want to invite you to engage in an academic and international experience you will never forget.
We invite you to check the Application Form for undergraduate students of the UdeC who wish to take part in an international mobility program. If you want to do an internship abroad, check the following Application Form and fill it out by doing click here.

Check this link to meet the UdeC International Coordinators by Faculties and Research Centers.

In the following video, Mónica Zambrano, Student Mobility Manager of the Office of International Affairs, will explain you the steps to follow to be part of an academic experience abroad.

Do you have more questions? We invite you to check the following questions, which provide you with further orientation.

What does the Student Exchange consist of?

In the different programs of Student Mobility of the Universidad de Concepcion, undergraduate students of UdeC can study abroad for one semester or more, during which the students continue to be regular students of UdeC.

Who can apply for the Student Exchange program?

Regular undergraduate students from the Universidad de Concepcion who had passed the sixth semester of their academic programs with a minimum passing grade equal to 5.0. Moreover, the students must submit a letter written by their respective Head of Academic Program for all the courses to be accredited in their curriculum.

Can I participate in the Student Exchange program even if I do not speak the local language?

No. However, it is necessary to have a certification on this matter. For this, the Universidad de Concepcion offers learning programs in Spanish-speaking countries. It is mandatory to have the corresponding language proficiency level 1 depending on the destination option chosen to study abroad, as for example, English-speaking countries, French-speaking countries, among others.

Should I self-finance the travel costs?

All costs of student mobility are to be covered by the students, except for the case of grants and special programs.

Which are the dates to study abroad?

There are different student exchange announcements throughout the year. You must enter your application early in the process.

How long is studying abroad?

It depends on the mobility program you choose. A short-term program usually goes from one academic semester to one academic year.

What should I do to accredit my academic courses?

After finishing the student exchange, you must go through the accreditation process of the courses you have taken abroad. This procedure must be done in conjunction with the head of study program or academic secretariat of your faculty, who will commit to accredit the courses taken abroad through a letter. Your academic studies agreement should be done before the exchange period.

Do I need a Health Insurance to study abroad?

Yes. Having a health insurance is mandatory. You can obtain it through your travel agency or choosing the insurance required by the host institution.

I have decided to study abroad. Where should I start?

Learn about the application process steps and the documents you must submit.
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