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The Office of International Affairs (DRI by its initials in Spanish) is an organization that directly depends on the rectorate and it is responsible for international affairs, student mobility and international cooperation. Its administrative structure consists of the director and the administrative and academic staff to comply with all the tasks related to academic mobility, international agreement management, advisory and cooperation with organizations and the implementation of different cooperation programs around the world.

The DRI is divided into three operational areas:

Student Mobility Office

The purpose of the Student Mobility Office is to manage and coordinate the application process and the documentation of both, incoming students and outgoing students. It is also supported by the Orientation for International Students (OFIS), which is a student grouping made up of students from different academic programs. These students voluntarily provide foreign students with orientation and help to allow them to have an appropriate insertion in the city and culture and the university.

International Cooperation Unit

The purpose of the International Cooperation Unit is to advise, manage and implement student mobility programs, cooperation programs and international projects. The international cooperation requires advisory in specific areas and regions as well as information and access to the different funding lines.
For that, the DRI relies on a multidisciplinary and specific team in different parts of the world for the purpose of advising the international mobility process, the link with international organizations and the management and advisory of international projects.

Unit of Agreements, Protocols and Communication

The aim of the Unit of Agreements, Protocols and Communication is to process and manage international agreements, develop and coordinate international visit agendas, keep a record of agreements and news of the institutional work of our university.