The Universidad de Concepción maintains contact with several international institutions offering training grants for scholars and graduate students from the UdeC.
These financing sources are as follows:

  • FULBRIGHT (Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States of America and Chile)
    The Fulbright Commission is made up of 55 countries and its grant promotes a better understanding among nations through the educational, scientific, technical and professional exchange.
  • ELAP (Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program)
    The ELAP grants program facilitates short-term exchange opportunities for students and researchers to study and research in Canadian universities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
    This program is under the Ministry of Education and its purpose is to put Chile into the knowledge society and give a definitive impulse to the economic, social and cultural development in our country. In order to achieve this purpose, BECAS CHILE finances studies abroad in the professional and technical areas within the framework of a long-term policy that promotes increased opportunities of training and improvement abroad and the promotion of international link and cooperation. The overseas grants financed by this program are as follows: Post doctorate, Doctorate, Master’s Degree, Medical Sub-specialties, Doctoral Internships and Doctorate and Master’s Degree Joint Supervision for Education Professionals.
  • CAMPUS FRANCE (The French National Agency for the Promotion of Higher Education Abroad)
    Campus France works closely with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Economy and Industry. Campus France dedicates its efforts to achieve three essential objectives:
    1.- To foster the French offer to the world in higher education and scientific knowledge. Campus France has a strategy of global communication and promotion reinforced by its contacts and its own network abroad.
    2.- To offer the students and researchers a global level service of accommodation and stay in France through a complete and original variety of personalized services in the teaching area for the daily life.
    3.- To propose the international students the option of online enrollment to academic programs in a wide variety of disciplines such as law, economics, business administration, human and social sciences, mathematics, arts, and engineering sciences, among others.
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
    This is an association made up of German higher education institutions. Apart from grants, it promotes the internationalization of German universities, fostering studies and the German language, and the development in the cultural and educational areas. The DAAD provides young students with the opportunity to live an academic experience both in Germany and other countries through the development of Master’s Degree and Doctorate programs.
    LAE is an agency with presence in Latin America, which represents all the institutions of the Group of Eight, the most important universities in Australia in terms of teaching and research. They are the educational agents of over 400 Australian institutions.
    The student grant program “Academic and Student Mobility Platform of the Pacific Alliance” established by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru within the framework of the Pacific Alliance aims at contributing to the training of advanced human capital through reciprocal grant-giving and in terms of equality for these four countries, for the student exchange of undergraduate, and doctorate students and teachers to begin teaching studies or teaching activities.

If you work in the teaching area or research and wish to apply for an integral improvement opportunity, we invite you to learn about the programs you can apply to:

Erasmus+ provides support to undertake teaching work in Higher Education Institutions (CES) in other countries. Higher education teachers can perform temporary teaching activities in an educational institution of a country participating in the Erasmus+ program or in an educational institution of an associated country. The CES where the applicant is working must have Erasmus+ Letter of Higher Education (in the case of the countries participating in the program) or have signed an interinstitutional agreement with the host institution (in the case of the partner countries).

More information on the website of Erasmus+

Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the Framework Program for Research and Innovation implemented by the European Union for the 2014-2020 period. It has a budget of 77.028 M€* to finance initiatives and projects of research, technological development, demonstration and innovation of clear added value from Europe.
This program was born to support the implementation of the Strategy “Europe 2020” and the flagship initiative “Innovation Union”, directly contributing to address the main challenges of the society, create an industrial leadership in Europe, and strengthen the excellence level of the scientific base.

More information on the website of Horizon 2020

CONICYT (National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research)
Program for the Training of Advanced Human Capital.
This program was created in 1988 and corresponds to the main government initiative focused on the administration of postgraduate studies grants. Its mission is to increase the advanced human capital for the development of sciences and technology through the financing of postgraduate studies grants in Chile and abroad for graduates or professionals.

More information on the website of CONICYT

International cooperation requires advisory mechanisms in specific areas and regions, as well as information and access to the different financing lines. For this, the DRI has a multidisciplinary team structured in different regions of the world to advise international mobility, links with international organizations, management and advisory for international projects.

Meet the people in charge of each world region

Santander Universidades:

Through Santander Universidades, Banco Santander works to foster the international mobility, facilitate access to the university, promote research and specialized training, and facilitate the access to your first job.
For more information, please contact:
Coordinator: Blanca Moreira Sánchez
Phone: +56 22 3202492 



The purpose of CINDA is to promote links among universities, generate, systematize and disseminate knowledge in order to contribute to the development of higher education and university management policies.
For more information, please contact: Soledad Aravena
Phone: +56 2 2334 1099 / +56 2 2234 1128
75 Santa Magdalena St., Floor 11, Providencia, Santiago de Chile




Manuela Saenz:

This a mobility grant program by the Chilean Government through the International Cooperation Agency (AGCI). The Manuela Saenz Grant is aimed at undergraduate academic program students, citizens of Ecuador and Paraguay, people interested in taking a semester of study in Chile. Its study areas are Social Development, Agriculture and Food Safety, Natural Environment, Natural Resources and Energy, Economic Cooperation for the Development, Strengthening and Modernization of Public Administration, Gender, Natural Disaster Prevention, Innovation and Development of Technological Fields.

More information on: or
Phone: (562)8275794