Would you like to study at UdeC?

We invite you to be part of our university community and go on an exchange as a visiting student in our university. Here you will join a Faculty, take courses according to your specialty and participate in other areas of interest that can be added to your curriculum. We offer you a wide variety of courses and activities both cultural and recreational. An immersion program to the university life with all the necessary information for you to enroll your courses and learn more about the enrollment process.

Moreover, we deliver special Spanish language courses at basic and intermediate levels for you to bring your language skills to the expected level and have a successful performance in your course.

Next you can check the Application Protocol to learn about the process step by step.

Check this link to meet the UdeC International Coordinators by Faculties and Research Centers.


Application Form for Internships at Universidad de Concepción

Protocol of Internships at Universidad de Concepción 2020

Application form as a visiting undergraduate student at the University of Concepción (UdeC) 2020

Protocol – How to apply to UdeC 2020


I am interested in going on an exchange. How can I apply?

It is important for you to know that all the students apply through the international office of their respective universities. They send us the list of selected students for the indicated period and their academic background.

What requirements must I fulfil?
How can I obtain information about the syllabus of the course I am interested in?

The content information for each course can be requested directly to the Head of Academic Program. For this, you can send a message requesting the guiding teacher’s name and email.
Click here to learn about all the Faculties of the Universidad de Concepción.

What is the duration of the exchange period?

The students can go on an exchange for one or two semesters at the Universidad de Concepción.

Should I pay the international university fees?

The students that go on an exchange within the framework of cooperation agreements among universities are exempt from international fees. They must have enough funds to cover accommodation and subsistence expenses during their stay.

Does the university have accommodation facilities for foreign students?

The Office of International Affairs has a database containing information about accommodation options near the UdeC Campus, which may be family homes, student residences or shared apartments. Through the Orientation For International Students (OFIS), we can provide you with specific information on the best accommodation options during your exchange period and according to your budget and preferences.

For more information, send a message to

Does the university have grants for foreign students?

The university does not provide any type of grant to foreign students. For this, you must have enough funds for personal expenses during your stay.

Can I enter the country using a tourist visa and subsequently, obtain the student visa?

The acceptance letter is sent to our international counterpart that will send us the applicants. With this letter, the students can apply for their student visa before entering the country. If you were unable to obtain the visa, you must request it at the Immigration Department of Concepcion.

Do I need a student visa?

Yes. The student visa is necessary for your enrollment process at UdeC. It is required to obtain the Chilean ID for foreigners. That document is essential to register and enroll at the Universidad de Concepcion.

Can I send my academic background?

We only accept the applications accompanied by the letter of support issued by the International Office of the home university.

When must I start attending the university courses?

The dates of the academic calendar will be sent in time through the DRI. Moreover, information about UdeC immersion week will be given timely.