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Application requirements

Application Process Requirements

We strongly recommend you plan well in advance to have the time required to achieve the expected language level and carry out the corresponding assessments.

  • Letter of support for the student exchange issued by the Head of Academic Program, This letter authorizes the student mobility for the indicated period and indicate that all the courses taken abroad will be validated and accredited in the study program upon returning from the student exchange.
  • Valid Certificate of Registered Student Status.
  • Complete Curriculum Transcript Transcript by the application date (minimum weighted average equal to 5.0).
  • Curriculum Vitae indicating studies, personal background, leadership activities, travels, hobbies.
  • Photocopy of valid ID.
  • Photocopy ofvalid passport
  • Cover letter indicating the reasons for which you want go on this student exchange. It must also indicate the courses of interest according to the curriculum of the foreign university, if possible.
  • Certificate of Foreign Language Proficiency (institute, UdeC course, studies abroad, etc).
  • Each foreign university will establish the necessary language skills and will request a language test.

Language courses

The Universidad de Concepcion offers several language courses, which will allow you to enrich and improve your academic skills, and prepare you to travel abroad. Do not miss the opportunity to learn a new language or improve the foreign language you already know. We invite you to accept a new challenge!


1. UdeC English Online

At the Center for Training and Educational Resources (CFRD) the UdeC English Online program is delivered. This program stems from the need to communicate in English in the Chilean setting, and particularly, at the Universidad de Concepción.


  • Emerita Bañados Santana – Directora
  • Phone: (56) 41 2207040 / 41 2207447 / 41 2207221 / 41 2207226
  • E-mail:



The School of Humanities and Art (EDHUARTE) offers regular courses in different areas, such as foreign language programs, including English, Italian, French and German courses.



3. Supplementary language courses at UdeC

The academic programs of the Universidad de Concepcion offer course vacancies for complementary language courses, such as English, French, among others. The students must check their curricula in regard of the complementary language options. If you have more questions, please contact your Head of Academic Program.