Publicado el 10 de junio de 2019

International Fellowships by The In Altum Program

 The Becket Program [1]and IAP Scholar [2], both of which target Catholic, humanities
students (seniors/recent grads) and professors:

1) The Becket Program- for Catholic seniors/recent
graduates/scholars interested in pursuing a PhD or Masters at an
American university. We advise the applicant on essays, application
and interview techniques, letters of recommendation, thesis
brainstorming, and testing among other application elements. The
American application process can be tricky and confusing, so we are
trying to find devout-Catholic, high-performing applicants to help
them apply to one of the top 30 American universities for PhD or
Masters in the humanities/social sciences fields.

2) IAP Scholar- for Catholic professors interested in teaching at an
American institution for a semester. This program identifies
devout-Catholic, humanities professors internationally and pairs
them with a university in America for a semester to teach/conduct
research. The goal is international and cultural exchange for the
professor and the students they teach, specifically through living
as a Christ-like model in academia.

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